Transport and Logistics

Given PNG’s challenging topography and geography, aviation plays a critical role in transporting people goods across the country. The 22 official airports, including the Jacksons International Airport in Port Moresby, are managed and owned by the National Airports Corporation (NAC), while the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority regulates the industry.

Several international shipping lines services PNG’s ports, including Swire, ANL and Maersk. Coastal shipping services are provided by companies such as Bismarck Maritime and Consort Shipping.

(Source: Doing Business in Papua New Guinea)

Please find below a listing of Papua New Guinea’s leading transport and logistics businesses. Includes airlines, air charter services, car hire, shipping lines, port services, post and freight services, road transport, helicopter services, air cargo and marine services.

Transparts International Limited
Transparts provides a diverse range of parts, safety accessories, chemicals and services to the Transport and Mining Industry around the country.
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Business Fax
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