Nambawan Super

Nambawan Super

Nambawan Super Limited (“the Fund”) is a defined contribution fund (accumulation fund) approved under the Superannuation General Provisions Act 2000. The Fund is governed by the Board of Directors of Nambawan Super Limited, the Fund’s Corporate Trustee (“the Trustee”).
The Fund exists to invest amounts contributed by or on behalf of Members for their retirement. It has no purpose other than to serve the interests of its membership.
The Trustee’s primary responsibility to the Fund Members is to ensure that the Fund is run according to the principles of good corporate governance.
To achieve this objective, the Board implements five key governance principles across the entire operation of the Trustee and the Fund:
Principle 1: Compliance with the law
Principle 2: Effective leadership
Principle 3: Integrity
Principle 4: Accountability
Principle 5: Risk management

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